Delightful Family Home in New Zealand Celebrating Healthy Living: M House

haracterized by Australian modular building expert ArchiBlox as the world’s first carbon-positive prefab living unit, the Archi+Carbon Positive House is designed to be self-sustainable. According to the project developers, the new project “provides the option for a more environmentally-conscious design, through both reducing embodied energy that accompanies new-home construction and maintaining positive-energy production.” The photos below depict the project entitled ‘Carbon House 01′, the first out of four models envisioned so far.

Reducing heating and cooling costs is cleverly achieved through a series of passive design strategies, without compromising in style and overall appearance. These include in-ground cool tubes, sliding edible garden walls to reduce sunlight infiltration, and a green roof for increased thermal insulation. “Additional gains in thermal performance are achieved through the structures’ air-tightness which sustains the heat or cool inside and a ‘buffer zone’ which separates the thermal conditions of the exterior and interior areas. Further sustainability is achieved through double-glazed and thermally broken windows, solar power utilization, and water recycling implementation”, explained the architects.

Located in the vibrant capital of Warsaw, this contemporary home entitled “Modern Palace” by Mood Works inspires elegance throughout. According to the designers, the idea was to integrate traditional furniture within a modern setting, that would complement the classic architecture of the house: “Natural elements, finest materials and interior colors, organic shapes and textures represent a contemporary feeling in design and decor, bringing unique furniture pieces and fusion of styles into creative, luxurious and personalized interiors.” The result is a welcoming three-level home that feels comfortable for both its inhabitants and guests.

The classic facade of this villa make its dynamic interiors feel surprisingly dynamic. A generously-sized welcoming hallway leads the way towards the social core of the house: the open-plan living and dining area, which communicates with an outdoor terrace. The floor-to-ceiling white bookcase sets the tone for a refined interior. Right next to it, there is a fireplace panel, imprinting a modern look. Graphic art, paintings, various artifacts and decorations- all add up to a complex interior scheme. Check out the photos below and let us know what you believe are the design highlights of this villa! [Photography courtesy of Mood Works]